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Capital Gain Tax

Capital gains are profits realized from the sale of assets; a tax is triggered only when an asset is sold, not held.


Gift Tax

The federal gift tax applies to gifts of property or money while the donor is living.


Retirement Plan Limits

IRAs, employer-sponsored retirement plans are subject to annual contribution limits set by the federal government.


Required Minimum Distributions

Required minimum distribution is the annual amount that must be withdrawn from a qualified retirement plan/account.


Charitable Trust Tax Benefits

For the grantor, there are a few potential tax benefits that can come with setting up a charitable trust.


Retirement Plan Taxes

With traditional IRAs and most employer-sponsored retirement plans, taxes are not payable until funds are withdrawn.


Withdrawing Before Age 59.5

Tax-deferred retirement account withdrawals before age 59½ generally triggers a 10% federal income tax penalty.


Tax Deferral

There can be a substantial benefit to deferring taxes as long as possible.

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